Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is coolbert:

 Thanks to the Voice of American and the tip from DEC we have this maddening headline. If true a grave and very malevolently evil violation of international law and ALL protocols regarding international air travel and transport.

"GPS on Airline Flights Out of South Korea Jammed"

"South Korean officials say more than 250 airline flights into and out of the country have experienced GPS signal jamming over the past few days."

"The transport ministry in Seoul says the interference began last Saturday and has affected flights out of the capital's two main airports. It said the affected planes have relied on alternate navigation systems, and that none of the flights was in danger."

"Similar jamming in the past has been traced to North Korea."

This is a deliberate interference with a public transportation vehicle [airplane] during international flights the result of which can result in death! NOT merely a nuisance but can be understood under some circumstances as AN ACT OF WAR not to be tolerated!!

That main corridor for air traffic in/out of Seoul I would have to think VERY CLOSE to the DMZ the North Korean if responsible egregiously causing difficulties that might even result in border violations, a fly-over inadvertent used as a pretext for further hostile actions against civilian air traffic!!

This is serious business and just plain downright EVIL!! Heightened and unwarranted tensions were no such measures are needed or desired. Young'Un stop and do so at once!!


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