Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is coolbert:

NOTHING like this has been seen in at least eighty years ever since the time of Billy Mitchell? A military blimp of extraordinary size, ready for deployment to the combat zone, a throw-back to a time of yesteryear, AND as they say, amazing! NOT itty-bitty but BIG!

The LEMV [Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle] an aerial vehicle designated for reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, surveillance, extended loiter time and endurance - - "hang time" if you will!

"Army Readies Its Mammoth Spy Blimp for First Flight"

"TAMPA, Florida . . . Northrop Grumman has finally penciled in the first flight of the giant surveillance airship it’s building for the U.S. Army. The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle — a football-field-size, helium-filled robot blimp fitted with sensors and data-links — should take to the air over Lakehurst, New Jersey, the first or second week of June [2012]"

Optional use of the LEMV touted as a supply airship, a cargo carrier!!

"The LEMV can do more than hover and spy. It’s also a potentially useful cargo carrier. The current model can carry 20 tons of supplies. A scaled-up version could carry hundreds of tons — and at a fraction of the cost of fixed-wing airplanes."

The U.S. Army at one noted for having MORE AIRCRAFT THAN THE AIR FORCE AND MORE BOATS THAN THE NAVY!! At least that was the case up until the mid 1960's. NOT sure of what the case is now.

And does the 3,000 foot [1,000 meters] rule apply to the LEMV? Army "aircraft" only able to operate BELOW 3,000 feet [1,000 meters] the remainder of the airspace reserved for the air force. The 3,000 foot rule still applies?

Air ships traditionally very subject to the weather, turbulence, buffeting, inclement conditions, etc. So will be LEMV?


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