Friday, May 25, 2012


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Thanks to StrategyPage we have the story of the NECC.

An anachronism enjoying a comeback? Something the U.S. Navy has not used in over one hundred [100] years now again institutionalized and in vogue:

"The USNs Neo-Marines"

Naval Infantry! Understood to be NOT marines. Sailors trained to go ashore and fight as soldiers, carrying small arms and using infantry tactics, in the old fashioned way as was once common but has not been the case for a long time!

"May 21, 2012: The U.S. Navy has decided what to do with its 'brown water navy', including three Riverine Squadrons, now that they have no overseas assignment [last assignment was in Iraq]. The coastal and river force sailors are going to be divided between bases on the U.S. east and west coasts. There they will assist with coastal and river patrol duties. The riverine force contains 2,500 active duty and 2,000 reserve sailors."

This is NECC!

"The navy officially established its 'Naval Expeditionary Combat Command' (NECC) in 2005. This organization eventually reached a peak size of 40,000 sailors, all of whom were trained to work, and fight, on land."

"This organization contains sailors trained and equipped for land operations the navy believes it should be involved in. Some of these are still on the water, like riverine operations (small gunboats and troop carriers to control rivers and coastal waters against irregulars) and naval infantry to defend navy land bases in hostile territory."

Sailors trained to engage in ground combat if and when the need arises. A flexible military force able to respond to a variety of threats. Conceivably able to expand rapidly, those active duty and reserve folks at cadre level trained to assume command positions and roles beyond what is necessary in peacetime.

Once again, naval infantry and NOT marines. Please do not confuse!


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