Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Latrines & Tarawa.

This is coolbert:

 From the Sail Billabong web site we have these items:

 Those American marines during the Second World War [WW2] assaulting the Japanese island stronghold  fortress of Tarawa atoll [Betio island] KNOWING ALMOST PRECISELY THE NUMBER OF ADVERSARIES!

 Aerial photo reconnaissance able to determine with precision the number of latrines as present on the island, Japanese doctrine as to hygienic facilities, number of latrines per troop strength known with exactness. 

"Intelligence had estimated between 2,500 and 3,100 Japanese forces. Interestingly enough these calculations were derived from the number of latrines (toilets) the Japanese had built (the latrines were multi-holed wooden 'buildings' built over the water and clearly visible on aerial photographs). Even more interesting was that the estimated number was remarkable accurate! (The Japanese forces consisted of 2,619 combat troops. However, in addition there were 2,217 labor forces [impressed Koreans])"

 Disposal of human waste in a safe and hygienic manner, excrement, vital to maintaining, especially in the tropics, the health of those present, disease from overcrowding and unsanitary conditions a greater threat and producing more casualties than mortal combat itself!!

Shit, kak, govno, merde, scheisse!

 That Battle of Tarawa intense in the extreme, seventy-two hours of hell on earth, casualties beyond almost measure, of those Japanese defending the island only seventeen taken alive, CAPTIVES SHELL-SHOCKED AND IN SUCH A STUPOR THEY WERE UNABLE TO FURTHER RESIST!!

 [Korean forced [?] laborers also killed in large numbers but willing to surrender if the opportunity made available!!]

 "Only 17 Japanese prisoners (along with 129 Koreans) were captured, another 4,690 estimated dead" [that is total dead, Japanese and Koreans combined!!]

This comment by the Japanese commander of Tarawa NOT so necessarily boastful but considered within the context as envisioned by the Shibasaki:

"Rear Admiral Shibasaki told his troops that the Americans could not take Tarawa with a million men in a hundred years."

Shibasaki making the assumption that Tarawa NOT ONLY defended by organic forces ashore but by a cordon of Japanese naval vessels and aviation assets shore and carrier based both!! Those Japanese defenders at Tarawa NOT alone but having considerable outside forces acting in concert - - the American attacker having to run a gauntlet even prior to arriving on the scene at Betio!!


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