Thursday, May 3, 2012


This is coolbert:

Thanks to this obituary in the LA Times from the tip as found originally in the Chicago Tribune we have the story of the American OSS officer in command of the WW2 mission Halyard:

"George Vujnovich dies at 96; leader of daring World War II rescue"

"In 'Operation Halyard,' George Vujnovich guided a team of agents to airlift more than 500 airmen from a makeshift runway carved on a mountaintop in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia."

George an American born OSS officer of Serb ancestry orchestrating the repatriation of downed American airmen during WW2.

An OSS effort greatly aided and abetted by the Chetnik partisan forces of Mihailovich. The Chetniks in the aftermath of the war deemed as "collaborationist", Mihailovich executed after a kangaroo court trial courtesy of the communist leader Tito. Many less senior Chetniks also meeting a grisly and undeserved fate of death!

Indeed the Chetniks portrayed by communist fellow travelers as "collaborationist" and unwilling to fight the German ooccupier.

Such a portrayal ALL A LIE! Halyard, the rescue operation further evidence of such distortions and downright deceitful lies regrettably believed at the time [1945] and to an extent EVEN NOW!

Belatedly so thank you George, Draza [Mahailovich] and all those other Chetniks loyal to the allied fliers and helpful in a way that was not reciprocated post-war!


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