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In response to the world-wide pandemic COVID-19 some input regarding the possibility of the virus having been a bio-weapon. Even a bio-weapon of Chinese origin as having been inadvertently released.

Both article thanks to the Ron Unz Internet web site and the authors: 1. Steve Sailer. 2. The Saker.

1. "The Nixon Administration Discovered That Offensive Biological Weapons Are Useless"

"One of the least known incidents of the Cold War is the Nixon Administration’s decision in 1969 to abolish the U.S.’s sizable $300 million per year offensive biological weapons program."

NO! Not useless. Deadly but not effective as other means. Debits outweigh the assets for a variety of reasons.

2. "Looking at the Military Aspects of Biological Warfare"

"The 20th century has seen a seemingly countless number of military conflicts, ranging from small local clashes, to at least two world wars. The same 20th century saw a huge efforts by major powers to develop three types of so-called 'weapons of mass destruction' (WMD): Atomic, Bacteriological and Chemical (ABC). All of these WMD were initially seen as very effective and very frightening, yet there were only used in a few, limited occasions."

A limited number of occasions to include: A. Glanders. Spread as alleged by Germany during World War One to infect allied horse-power. Also can infect and make ill humans but not necessarily lethal, merely makes sick. B. Japanese Unit 731 on many [?] occasions using bio-weaponry of a deadly kind [bubonic plague for instance] against the Chinese during World War Two. C. Tularemia [rabbit fever] purportedly as released by the Soviet during World War Two as a response to the German Case Blue of 1942. Sickens and incapacitates the enemy soldier but does not necessarily kill.

Additionally as reported in case of an American invasion of Cuba in 1963 the entire island would have been hosed down with a "cocktail" of germ-warfare agents non-lethal in nature to healthy persons. Make you sick but would not kill. The elderly and those already infirm [many tens of thousands] with illness probably dying in the process.

Further comments:

* Nixon was searching for a way to make-nice with the Soviet. Abandonment of bio-weapons seen as a way of achieving an ends. Understand also bio-weapons stockpiles only destroyed. Research and development into bio-weapons continuing unabated unto this very day.

* Destruction of existing bio-weapon stockpiles not so significant. Germ cultures in storage can be quickly be processed by relatively conventional pharmaceutical methods and produce large quantities of use-able bio-weapon material of whatever type. Delivery system of spraying systems attached to military warplanes in the inventory.

* Consider also that bio-weapons perhaps the weapon of choice for the jihadi waging war on the international scale [GWOT]. Deadly germ cultures can be obtained for a variety of sources. A cheap and dirty but effective form of jihadi attack more than anything else creating a mass panic with lots of hysteria. But such a threat has never materialized. At least to my knowledge.

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