Saturday, June 4, 2016

Democratic Front.

This is coolbert:

Contradictory reports from Syria. According to the DEBKAfile one group of militia opposed to Assad having fled the battlefield. Another militia as opposed to Assad however advancing. American backed militias in both cases.

1. "ISIS forces advance towards the Turkish border. Syrian rebels flee"

29 May.

"The ISIS attacks on Syrian rebel forces south of Aleppo continue, and the Jihadi forces are situated less than 5km from the Syrian-Turkish border. A number of ISIS missiles exploded near the Gaziantep airport in south Turkey."

"The front headquarters of the US, Turkey and Saudi intelligence are in Gaziantep, supervising the rebels in south Syria. Our sources say that this is the one of biggest defeats of the Democratic Rebel Forces, who are funded and trained by Turkey and Saudi Arabia."

"The US and Turkey air forces are unable to attack the advancing ISIS fighters who are using the 150,000 Syrian refugees in the area as human shields."

2. "US-backed militias attack ISIS in north Syria"

1 June.

"Syrian militia fighters backed by US air strikes and Turkish artillery went action against an Islamic State pocket in Manbij in North Syria, near the Turkish border."

". . . military and intelligence sources say the militia fighters are recruited from Arab and Turkmen minorities."

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the Turkomen ethnic group and their involvement in the Syrian Civil War:


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