Saturday, June 25, 2016

Entebbe & Ron Arad.

This is coolbert:

Thanks here in both cases to the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom:

1. "Fortune favors the brave"

From the article by Aharon Lapidot

"Brig. Gen. (ret.) Joshua Shani, the lead pilot in Operation Entebbe, insists the Israeli Air Force was key to the success of the 1976 hostage rescue mission in Uganda • In a special interview, he reveals little known facts about the iconic operation."

2. "'Missing IAF navigator Ron Arad was tortured to death in 1988' "

"A defendant in a military trial in Lebanon, accused of spying for Israel, testifies that he met Arad days before his death, but did not realize his identity until 10 years later • Israelis involved in hunt for information on Arad not too impressed"

From the article by Daniel Siryoti and Gideon Allon

My personal comments:

* With regard to Entebbe the raiders used measure audacity to achieve their goal. BECAUSE EVERYONE THOUGHT THE MISSION WAS IMPOSSIBLE IT BECAME POSSIBLE!!

* With regard to Ron Arad keep in mind that these notorious cases with the publicity as generated result in all sorts of gadfly people coming out of the woodwork much to the detriment of everyone. Many desire money in return for information and many others are persons with deep and dangerous mental issues!!

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read both items in entirety!


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