Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adir F-35.

This is coolbert:

First from Freeper:

1. The Israeli now on the verge of accepting the F-35 Lightning into their inventory. This considered to be almost if not so A REVOLUTIONARY EVENT!

"As 10-year war anniversary nears, Israel to receive new stealth fighter jets"

"The Israeli defense establishment calls it a game changer, and views it as the plane that will provide the country with unparalleled aerial capabilities against its enemies."

"On Wednesday, the IAF will move a step closer to deploying the F-35 Lightning II, one of the world’s most advanced stealth fighter jets, when the first of its fifth-generation warplanes is officially rolled out by manufacturer Lockheed Martin."

"Defense officials say the jets will transform Israel’s combat capabilities and significantly upgrade the air force’s ability to confront the threats posed to it, particularly by Hezbollah."

2. In addition, from the Sheldon Adelson news letter Israel Hayom and extracted from same that evaluation of the American F-35 relatively optimistic.


Expect the Israeli perspective on the F-35 to be unique and indeed it is:

"Revolution is in the air"

"The Israeli Air Force is changing drastically before our eyes • The latest addition of the cutting edge F-35 fighter jet is expected to revolutionize the IAF further"

"But the enormous shadow cast by the F-35 also stems from the fact that the stealth fighter jet's development has been marred by intense international criticism. It is considered the most expensive defense project in U.S. history, with an estimated cost of $400 million, and it has seen many setbacks and delays. U.S. Defense Department Operational Test and Evaluation Director Dr. J. Michael Gilmore listed no fewer than 928 issues and failures in the aircraft, some of them critical, which have yet to be resolved as of two months ago: The ALIS -- the aircraft's very advanced 'brain' component -- has yet to be stabilized; the jet's radar system failed mid-flight; its main cannon has not yet been declared operational, and the list goes on.

"But the IAF is unfazed by the criticism  'the various problems stemming from the fact that the aircraft is still in the development stage, and they are being resolved one by one.' Air force [IAF] officials say they are familiar with the criticism and the failures that have arisen so far, adding such issues are typical of an aircraft in the early production stages. It is a natural process -- the problems are explored, test flights are held, and the outcome is analyzed. Right now, development is progressing at the expected pace, and the fact is that the first jets are expected to arrive in Israel on time, Israeli officials say."

"Issues and faults" as described nothwithstanding the F-35 will do and for many decades subsequent. IF THE ISRAELI HAS CONFIDENCE EVERYONE SHOULD ALSO!


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Steiner said...

What use the F-35 might be against an opponent like Hezbollah that possesses no AF or even SAM weaponry beyond a few handhelds is unclear. What is clear, unfortunately, is that any and all technology that can be gleaned from the Lighning II by the Israeli defence establishment will be quickly transferred to Communist China in accordance with longstanding arrangements.