Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jordan GIC.

This is coolbert:

Finally more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter the Islamic State combatants not only continue the fight but do so attacking high-value Jordanian targets.

"ISIS launches Ramadan with terror strike in Jordan"

7 June.

"Short: Of all the possible places braced for ISIS terror attacks when Ramadan began, the first attack on the first day of the month-long fast was launched Monday, June 6, in Jordan. Five armed men, in two cars, attacked the Jordanian General Intelligence Command in the Baqaa Palestinian camp, near the capital Amman."

"As Europe tensed for terror, the Islamists kicked off their Ramadan campaign with a classical hit-and-run operation that killed five Jordan intelligence officers."

Initiation of new hostilities during Ramadan not allowed. Hostilities already in progress can continue.


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