Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dominican I.

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From the War is Boring Internet web site a discussion of the Dominican Crisis of 1965 and the use of armor as available to the various adversaries. Also those ancient and venerable tank designs subject to retrofit, upgrade, improvement.

I strongly suggest that devoted readers to the blog consider this War is Boring article in two parts. Part I that background to the crisis, everything you wanted to know about the Dominican Civil War and the American intervention but were afraid to ask! Part II that presence of armor on both sides of the conflict and duels between same.

"In 1965, U.S. and Dominican Tanks Fought Brief, Violent Skirmishes"

The Dominican Crisis of 1965.

Yanqui American big-brother Banana Republic foreign interventionism seen with hindsight as misguided and counter-productive?

"The Dominican Civil War . . . took place between April 24, 1965, and September 3, 1965, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It started when civilian and military supporters of constitutionally elected former President Juan Bosch overthrew acting President Donald Reid Cabral. The coup prompted General Elías Wessin y Wessin to organise elements of the military loyal to President Reid, known as loyalists, initiating an armed campaign against the so-called constitutionalist rebels. Allegations of foreign support for the rebels led to an American intervention in the conflict"

Allegations that among the warring elements were pro-communist inspired factions as seen from the perspective of Washington D.C. mandating intervention. To my recollection that "frame of reference" never confirmed or denied!!

Fifty years after the fact "Yanqui American big-brother Banana Republic foreign interventionism" properly understood as an error. I cannot say?

To be continued.


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