Monday, June 6, 2016


This is coolbert:

First we take Tokyo, then we take Berlin!!

"The sound of silence — why Germany lost its subs bid (Australia)"

"It was the smallest of sounds, too soft for human ears but deemed loud enough to potentially doom an Australian submarine"

"Two weeks ago, behind closed doors in a shipyard in the German port of Kiel, the secrets behind Australia’s $150 billion submarine decision were finally revealed. It was a moment that left the Germans stunned. They were told for the first time that they had lost the bid because their proposed Aust­ralian submarine had an 'un­acceptable’' level of  'radiated noise'’’.

. . . .

"In a short and testy exchange, the truth became clear — France had won the largest defense ­contract in the nation’s history ­because it had best achieved the sound of silence. than those proposed by Germany or Japan."

"But this is a $150bn judgment call — the construction phase is worth $50bn, with the sustainability of the submarines running to an extra $100bn over the life of the vessels . . . It is also one that threatens to undermine ­relations with Berlin in the same way as the rejection of Japan’s bid has harmed Canberra’s ties with Tokyo."

France si, Germany and Japan no!

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