Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Soccer Hooligans?

This is coolbert:

Devoted readers to the blog will understand that this is all speculation on my part!

Those of you that have even been following the Euro 2016 soccer matches in France will be well aware of the violence between Russian and English soccer hooligans.

Described as "hooligans" but from my intuitive and instantaneous reaction those Russian perpetrators of mob action represent much more than mere civilians run amuck!

"Hooligans either Russian Spetsnaz or authentic Russian soccer fans having Spetsnaz surreptitiously embedded with them.

Spetsnaz taking advantage of the soccer matches to do a RECCE [reconnaissance] of targets in France..

"Euro 2016: Russian insider reveals football hooligans are ‘more than Ultras’ who train for fights with martial arts"

"They train for these fights, they do boxing, martial arts, that is why they move in formations and can carry out ambushes,”" - - Nikolai.

"dressed in camouflage uniform, Nikolai – in his late twenties, of medium height, physically fit but not steroid-muscled as some of the Russian football supporters look in France – had been happy to talk about his home at a southern suburb of Moscow, his deeply held Orthodox Christian faith, his previous service in Russia’s naval infantry [Russian Marines] and his empathy with the Donbass Peoples Militia."

"Nikolai cannot understand why so much fuss is being made about the violence during the Euro 2016 championship. He has, he said, seen far worse. That, indeed, is the case – the young Russian had served as a 'volunteer' with separatist forces in Ukraine’s  bloody civil war."

"Two years ago, at the towns of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, in rebel eastern Ukraine, Nikolai had claimed that he was there to distribute aid and help those injured in the fighting, rather than take part in combat himself. Now he insists that he is in France simply to watch the football and not to seek any trouble"

Those Russian soccer "hooligans" during the fighting it being observed:

* Fight as a unit.
* Knowing martial arts and not afraid to mix it up with fists and boots.
* Having evaded French airport security by traveling from Russia to France via a variety of overland routes.

From the Soviet era defector Suvorov regarding the role of Spetsnaz during a time of "grey terror" as a prelude to overt hostilities:

"There are explosions practically everyday in Paris. The main targets are the government targets and the government districts, communication centers and military headquarters. At the same time terrible forest fires are raging in the South of France."


Devoted readers to the blog will have to decide for themselves if my imagination has run wild. Or has it?


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