Thursday, June 16, 2016

Force de Dissuasion.

This is coolbert:

Let me dissuade you!

The French nuclear deterrent no longer including land-based missiles carrying atomic warheads.

According to the wiki a capacity for submarine launched ballistic-missiles and nuclear munitions delivery by combat aircraft still remains.

That latter item [combat warplanes] either land-based or carrier-based.

"Land-based component"

"France no longer possesses land-based nuclear missiles. The IRBM base at the Plateau d'Albion (Vaucluse region) was deactivated in 1999 and its missiles scrapped. All French Army units equipped with short-range missiles such as the Pluton and the Hadès were disbanded, their missiles scrapped and their fissile nuclear materials recycled."

The French S3 intermediate-range ballistic-missile now gone with the wind and for some time now.

"The S3 was a French land-based Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, equipped with a single 1.2-megatonne thermonuclear warhead. In France it is [was] called an SSBS, for Sol-Sol Balistique Stratégique, or Ground-Ground Strategic Ballistic Missile."

French naval aviation also possessing a mid-air refueling-ability and also can work off of an American aircraft carrier.

With regard to the Euro 2016 soccer tournament the naval base of Toulon ALMOST WITHOUT QUESTION HAVING A NUCLEAR WEAPONS DEPOT OF SOME SORT. A PRIME TARGET FOR RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DURI8NG A TIME OF "PINK TERROR". [pink terror that few hours just before overt hostilities begin!]

"The military port of Toulon (French - arsenal de Toulon) is the principal base of the French Navy, sited in the city of Toulon. It holds most of France's force d'action navale, comprising the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle as well as its nuclear attack submarines, in total more than 60% of the tonnage of the French Navy".

Perhaps my imagination that those Russian soccer hooligans perhaps include Spetsnaz personnel doing a recce [reconnaissance of the Toulon facility] is not so far fetched?


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