Monday, October 5, 2015

UK Atomics.

This is coolbert:

That British independent strategic nuclear deterrent originally manned long-range bomber warplanes but for some time now based strictly on American missiles as fired from indigenous designed and manufactured submarines, those missiles also carrying nuclear warheads "indigenous designed and manufactured".

"British independent strategic nuclear deterrent" to include from the time of the Cold War onward:

1. Vee bombers. Valiant/Vulcan/Victory.

2. UK Polaris. Resolution-class submarine.

3. UK Trident. Vanguard-class submarine.


"Since the retirement of the last Royal Air Force WE.177 nuclear bomb in 1998, the British nuclear arsenal has been wholly submarine-based. This is intended to deter a potential enemy because they cannot ensure eliminating the entire stockpile in a first strike if a ballistic missile"

"the Resolution-class [Polaris missile firing] SSBNs possessed five features that were envied by the US Navy: the machinery loading hatch, automated hovering system, welded hull valves, standardised valves, and raft-mounted propulsion machinery."

Britain generally considered to be a medium-grade world power but still retaining a nuclear potential. Remaining a player on the world-stage with only a limited role NONETHELESS still in the game.


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