Thursday, October 8, 2015

Klub & Granat.

This is coolbert:

As far as I can determine ONLY two varieties of ship-to-shore land-attack cruise missiles in the Russian inventory that possess the necessary range to be fired from the Caspian Sea and reach targets in Syria.

1. 3M-54 Klub.

"Operational range 3M-14/3M-14T: 2500km [1500 miles]."

"The new Russian Admiral Sergei Gorshkov class frigates and the second batch of Steregushchy class frigates use the . . . UKSK VLS . . . are also able to carry these missiles."

2. RK-55 Granat.

"RK-55 Granat naval code 3M10 . . . has apparently been converted to carry conventional warheads and continues in service to this day."

"Operational range: 3,000 km [1,900 miles]."

RK-55 originally designed to carry ONLY a nuclear warhead NOW can carry a  "conventional warhead".

"It has been suggested that RK-55's could in future be fitted to converted Delta class submarines, or to surface ships, but these have not been confirmed."

"Conventional unitary High Explosive (HE) warhead and sub-munition warhead versions of the RK-55 have probably been developed"

UKSK VLS = "Multipurpose Ship Fire System (UKSK) . . . vertical launching system (VLS)"

The missiles of October, Russian style!!


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