Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dust & Sand.

This is coolbert:

Also from the Iranian Press TV an indication that the Russian aerial offensive over Syria is not faring so well:

"Russian warplanes operating in the airspace over Syria encountering unforeseen conditions? "

"Russian jets breaking down in harsh Syria conditions: US"

"Most of Russian aircraft recently sent on a mission in Syria have been grounded due to the dust and desert conditions in the Arab country, says a senior US defense official."

"According to the official who was not authorized to speak publicly about sensitive intelligence matters, a third of Russian fighter jets and half of its transport aircraft are assumed grounded at any time as the harsh, desert conditions take their toll on equipment and the crews in charge of operating them, the USA Today reported on Sunday."

. . . .

"Another unnamed US Air Force commander told USA Today that for American warplanes, a readiness rate of less than 80% would attract attention from the military top brass."

That sand and dust found in that area of the world having a talcum powder consistency. Permeates everywhere and everything with potential for disastrous consequences. Filters in the American Humvee during the First Gulf War having to be removed and shook clean once every two hours or they would be so clogged as to shut the vehicle down.


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