Monday, October 26, 2015


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Things that go bump in the night! And also in outer space too!

"Does Russia Have War Bots in Space?"

"Moscow’s latest satellites might be bashing into other orbiting things — on purpose."
"The world’s major powers follow an unwritten rule when it comes to space exploration: no weapons in orbit. But lately the three leading space nations—the US, China, and Russia—have been accused of ignoring this gentlemen’s agreement. Russia, especially."


"The accusations involve a trio of Russian satellites that may be 'suicide' weapons, devices that can smash into and destroy other satellites. The craft are certainly suspicious. Russia did not announce the satellites or fully register them with the UN, as launch nations generally do. The craft practically dance around in orbit. One may even have collided with another object. To be fair, the satellites could be agile spy craft or repair drones. But it’s their potential as weapons that’s worrying."

"Suicide weapons" better described as ANTI-SATELLITE WEAPONS. ASAT! Satellites the purpose of which is to destroy other satellites by collision and ramming!

Don't think for a moment the United States a laggard in the field of anti-satellite weaponry. The American military for a number of decades now has in the inventory an ASAT weapon of formidable capability with elegance and sophistication. The ASM-135 ASAT. NOT HOWEVER A SATELLITE IN ORBIT.

"The ASM-135 ASAT is an air-launched anti-satellite multistage missile that was developed by Ling-Temco-Vought's LTV Aerospace division. The ASM-135 was carried exclusively by the United States Air Force (USAF)'s F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft."

The ASM-135 carried to an altitude of 50,000 feet [17,000 meters] by an American F-15 fighter bomber. That warplane in a "zoom climb", an almost vertical ascent using full power. Organic sensors on both the F-15 and ASM-135 missile acquiring the target in orbit.

At the exact moment of release the ASM-135 having already: 1. Overcome about 90 % of the atmosphere. 2. On a ballistic high speed trajectory upward even prior to the rocket motor firing AND pointed at the target, locked on for intercept.

A successful destruction of the enemy satellite almost guaranteed!


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