Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Helix II.

This is coolbert:

Fire fighting!!

From the wiki entry for the Kamov Ka-27 that civilian version referred to as the Ka-32 and ideally suited for fire fighting duty.

"the Ka-32A11BC features high power-to weight ratio and ease of handling, owing to a coaxial-rotor design. The absence of tail rotor and the tail boom reduced to the main rotors diameter facilitate maneuvering near obstacles and make it possible to assure exceptional accuracy hovering in heavy smoke and dust conditions. The Ka-32A11BC equipped with the suspended fire-fighting system Bambi Bucket of capacity up to 5 tons."

 The Helix civilian chopper with dual engines able to carry aloft an enormous payload [Bambi Bucket] of water or fire retardant slurry during a mission, those dual counter-rotating rotors allowing for extreme accuracy not found in other types of rotary wing aviation.

Fighting forest fires that experience as close as to mortal combat as it gets without having an adversary shooting at you?

The fire manager a combat commander having at his/her disposal a fleet of fixed and rotary wing aviation able to bomb the "enemy", THAT KAMOV IDEALLY SUITED FOR THE ROLE DUE TO UNIQUE DESIGN FEATURES!!

American forest fire fighters need to have at their disposal an entire standardized fleet of Kamov at the ready, obsolete all other brands and models, expensive in the short run but more effective and I can reasonably surmise less costly over a period of decades. 32,000 flight hours life span of the Kamov impressive too. You will get decades of work from the Ka-32.


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