Friday, October 26, 2012

Depth Command!

This is coolbert:

 More from the DEBKAfile on the Israeli air strike that Khartoum Sudan munitions factory destroyed:

  October 24, 2012 Briefs:

"The bombed Sudanese factory made Shehabs - - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report"

"24 Oct. The Yarmouk Complex near Khartoum, which was bombed Wednesday, Oct. 24, by four fighter-bombers, recently began manufacturing Iranian ballistic surface-to-surface Shehab missiles . . . If the Israeli air force was responsible it would have demonstrated the ability to cover 1,800-1,900 kilometers to reach the Sudanese arms factory, which is farther than the 1,600 kilometers to the Iranian underground enrichment site of Fordo, while refueling in flight."

This IS the Israeli "depth command" at work the air strike also SERVING AS A WARNING TO THE IRANIAN THAT GLOBAL REACH [?] IS NOT ONLY A POSSIBLE BUT IS A NOW!!

Missiles as reputedly [according to DEBKA] manufactured at the Khartoum facility of the Shahab family, the Shahab-3 for instance?

"The Shahab 3 is a medium range, liquid-propellant, road-mobile ballistic missile. The Shahab 3 represents Iran's first successful attempt to acquire medium range ballistic missile that give Iran the capability to threaten targets (like Israel) which lie beyond Iran's immediate borders."

Khartoum today, Fordo tomorrow?


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