Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Helix III.

This is coolbert:

Helix conclusion.

Some additional Q & with an acknowledged aviation expert the subject that Helix [Ka-27] rotary wing aircraft. Applications suggested by myself found to be lacking, although not so entirely so!

Ideas that:

1. Ka-27's being so versatile as to form the preponderant amount of combat aviation power available to the newly minted and now sailing Chinese aircraft carrier?

Q: "That Chinese carrier fitted with a full complement of Ka-27 helios should be enough?"

A: "The problem with a deck full of helicopters is that you have no real defense against the fighter bombers attacking the carriers or their air-launched cruise missiles. Yes, perhaps you have a smaller CAP, but not enough to throw dozens of planes up to defend the fleet, then (after refuel and re-arm) attack their fleet with bombs, guided missiles and super torpedoes."

2. That Helix Ka-32 [civilian version] helicopter forming the bulk [again predominant] of those aircraft available to American forest fire fighting aircrews?

Q: "American forest fire fighters need having at their disposal an entire standardized fleet of Kamov at the ready, additional aircraft of whatever type NO LONGER NEEDED?"

A: "that means having a fleet of transport craft to fly the helos everywhere; a 747 flying itself to the scene and then being able to drop fire retardant materials itself would be a great asset--and a lot cheaper than a fleet of helos AND large transport planes like the 747s to get them to the fires."

Helix versatile and effective this being apparent for a variety of applications but not SO MUCH as to eliminate the need for other aircraft. The rotary wing aircraft a valuable adjunct but ONLY that!


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