Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is coolbert:

"Hellfire continues to evolve."

"Hella Lotta Hellfires"

Thanks to StrategyPage more info on the upgraded and improved Hellfire missile. That weapon of choice as mounted on American UAV, whatever the type.! Those drones now wreaking havoc with the villains in Afghan and in the safe-haven so-called areas of Pakistan and greatly feared.

Hellfire available originally only carrying the HEAT [high explosive anti-tank[ round and now capable of carrying a fragmentation or thermobaric warhead.


"The missiles now have the ability to go after targets directly below or behind the aircraft firing it. This solves a particular problem with UAVs, because the vidcam on board can spot targets directly below or even behind the aircraft while the Hellfire was designed to only go after targets in front of it. This Hellfire mod accomplished all this with a multifunction guidance system. Guidance system upgrades have made the missile more accurate against moving targets."

That cost to fire one Hellfire in either battle or training just astronomical! $100,000 per shot! Compare that decades ago the firing of one round from a Chieftain main battle tank cost about $3,000. NO ONE ever said war or the military was CHEAP!

"The U.S. has ordered up to another 24,000 Hellfire II missiles, to be delivered over the next two years as needed. Some of these will go to foreign customers. AGM-114R Hellfire missiles cost nearly $100,000 each. These are the most frequently used American missile these days, with over 14,000 fired in training or (mostly) combat since 2001."

Hellfire has been, is now, and will be for some time in the future the missile that CAN DO!


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