Friday, October 26, 2012

Robert & Brent!

This is coolbert:

Yet one more instance of American airmen comporting themselves with great courage.

The story of Robert Hymel and Brent Diefenbach.

Hymel tragically losing his life at the Pentagon on 9/11, almost miraculously so surviving the crash of his B-52 bomber during the Vietnam War. Rescued by another pilot risking his own life in a manner way beyond the call of duty

Robert Joseph Hymel - - Lieutenant Colonel, Unted States Air Force.

"Hymel was a B-52 co-pilot during the Vietnam War. In December 1972, his plane was hit by a missile over Hanoi. When the crew tried to land the plane, it pulled sharply to the left. On a second attempt, the B-52 'fell out of the sky,' Pat Hymel said. Hymel was pulled from the plane. He was just 20 feet away when it burst into flames. He suffered from collapsed lungs and a crushed arm. Last rites were administered . . . Three members of the five-man crew perished. Hymel was awarded the Purple Heart."

That fellow rescuing airman Brent Diefenbach only casually at the scene, his impulsive and quick reaction perhaps EVEN FOOLHARDY AND AGAINST ALL STANDING ORDERS AND OPERATING PROCEDURES UNDOUBTEDLY SAVING THE LIFE OF HYMEL!!

"Captain Brent Diefenbach, a B-52 pilot on the ground, watched as the plane pitched up and then fell to the ground, exploding in flames. 'Nobody survived that one -- that's what I thought,' said Diefenbach . . .. Diefenbach raced to the scene, running through tall elephant grass to the inferno, arriving before rescue crews. To his shock, he heard a faint call for help. It was Bob Hymel."

"'He was so stuck in there, it was just a mess,' Diefenbach said. 'Things were blowing up, and it was time to go.' Diefenbach managed to cut Hymel loose and drag him to safety. Four crew members died."

And now for the rest of the story and thanks for the tip from an acknowledged aviation expert. Brent risking his own life again perhaps in a foolhardy manner NONETHELESS SAVING THE LIFE OF ROBERT HYMEL, NOTHING ELSE IN THAT ABSOLUTE INSTANT SUFFICING.

"a pilot [Diefenbach] in a crew bus on base at U-Tapao Air Base Thailand] left that bus, jumped through the fence surrounding the base (definitely against orders!), allegedly went through a minefield (a good reason for obeying those standing orders about departing the base from anywhere but the controlled exits), and went through a lot of effort to rescue one pilot in a burning B-52 crashed just off base."

And now you know the rest of the story!



dean fuller said...

My name is Alton Dean Fuller formerly a Sgt. in the USAF. I beleive I was Robert Hymels roomate in the Hospital at Clark Air Force Base in the Phillipines following Robert being shot down in Thailand.
I have been trying to locate Robert on and off for many years.
All the facts that I now read on- line indicate to me that I was his roomate in February 1973. I was returning to the States after being stationed at Ubon Air Force Base in Thailand. I would like to contact his family members due to the fact that he was killed during 911.
Can someone help me find his wife or family. I understand that they may still be in Virginia.
my telephone number is 440-226-9998. thank you

Lindy said...

Did you ever find the family of Robert Hymels? I might be able to help you. I was a friend of the Diefenbach family before we moved south. L B