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Well, you know this item would catch my attention right away.

Retired Indian general office Brar survives assassination attempt. Thanks to DNA of India and the tip from the Chicago Tribune.

Brar commanding the Indian Army troops that stormed [1984] the Goldern Temple of Amritsar, that most sacred site for those of the Sikh faith. In some quarters Brar hated and despised, and NOW, almost thirty years after the unfortunate events an attempt on the life of Brar not succeeding.

"How General Kuldip Singh Brar fought off London assassins"

"An Indian general stabbed in a London street used his military training to fight off attackers who were intent on killing him, he said yesterday (Tuesday)"

"Lieutenant General Kuldip Singh Brar claimed he was the victim of was a 'pure assassination attempt by Sikhs in revenge for his role in the 1984 Golden Temple siege."

"The 78 year-old is hated among Sikhs for leading the Indian army assault at Amritsar to break the siege by Sikh militants which left almost 500 civilians dead." [Brar it should be noted is himself a Sikh]

Amritsar historically the scene of repeated Sikh tragedy. Multiple incidents of slaughter and massacre to include:

* The Jallianwala Bagh massacre. [1919]

Those of you having seen the move "Gandhi" will remember this quite well. British Indian troops firing indiscriminately into a large number of demonstrators [Sikhs predominantly], hundreds killed, many more thousands wounded!!

"The Jallianwala Bagh massacre (also known as the Amritsar massacre), took place in the Jallianwala Bagh public garden in the northern Indian city of Amritsar on 13 April 1919."

O'Dwyer  that most senior British official having approved and endorsed the "action" of the British Indian army ALSO BEING ASSASSINATED TWENTY-ONE YEARS LATER!!

"Sir Michael Francis O'Dwyer, GCIE, KCSI was Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab in India from 1912 until 1919. O'Dwyer endorsed General Reginald Dyer's action regarding the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and termed it a 'correct action'"

"O'Dwyer, aged 75, was shot dead . . . on 13 March 1940, by a Sikh revolutionary, Udham Singh, in retaliation for Amritsar."


Also from a much earlier period the Sikh people sorely persecuted, their sacred site the Golden Temple desecrated and destroyed on repeated occasions, the local Muslim rulers of India and Islamic foreign invaders having a particularly strong animus directed against the Sikh. This period known as the "Sikh Holocaust". The brutal actions of the Muslim ruler Mir Mannu and the Afghan invader Shah Durrani most extreme and worthy of comment:

"His [Mir Mannu] first act as governor was to storm the Sikh fort at Amritsar, where 500 Sikhs had taken shelter. Mir Mannu then stationed detachments of troops in all parts of Punjab with any Sikh inhabitants with orders to capture them [Sikh] and shave their [Sikh] heads and beards."

"From the capital [Lahore], Durrani returned to Amritsar and blew up the Harimandir Sahib [the Golden Temple] which since 1757 the Sikhs had rebuilt. As an act of intended sacrilege, the pool around it was filled with cow carcasses."

The Sikh an ethnic group, religion and people that have totally embraced the warrior ethos two of those five symbols of the Sikh faith being long uncut hair and beards.

Repressive and draconian measures where ever and when ever applied have a bad tendency to begat retaliation THE SIKH IN PARTICULAR THEIR MEMORY VERY LONG!!


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