Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trial Run?

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today "World Briefing"

In entirety:

"Air traveler with knives, body bags charged in LA"

"A man who arrived in Los Angeles on a flight from Japan wearing a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants has been charged with transporting dangerous materials, authorities said Tuesday."

"Yongda Huang Harris, who was arrested Friday, was transporting assorted weapons, bio hazard suits and body bags in his carry-on luggage, authorities say. The search also turned up billy clubs, a full-face respirator [gas mask], knives, a hatchet, handcuffs and leg irons, authorities said."

Yongda will have a lot of explaining to do? And this was all about? A dress rehearsal and recon mission to see what and what not can get through security?

That flight DEPARTING from an airport external to the American TSA system hijacked and then used to attack an American target within U.S. continental airspace?

This name of Yongda Harris does not have a correct "ring" to it either. Something very fishy here and smells. But what? The gadfly trying to demonstrate security does not work? OR other and more sinister motivations and machinations of an unseemly nature can be attributed?


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