Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is coolbert:

Eternal warfare!!

Here from: Jordanes - - on the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains [Romans and Visigoths versus Huns - - 451 A.D.]

"The fighting became hand-to-hand, fierce, savage, confused and without the slightest respite.... Blood from the bodies of the slain turned a small brook which flowed through the plain into a torrent. Those made desperately thirsty by their injuries drank water so augmented with blood that in their misery it seemed as though they were forced to drink the very blood which had poured from their wounds"

Desperately thirsty - - drank the water - - augmented with blood [their own]!!

And here from: "HERBERT - The Making of a Soldier".

"My throat was on fire. I needed water. I reached out and broke an icicle from a passing truck. I stuck the end in my mouth and sucked on it. It was sticky, dirty, and salty. Frozen blood. It dropped from my hands. I moved out farther onto the flank again, deeper into the darkness. Only a candy ass really needed water." - - Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert describing the retreat of the U.S. Army - - Korea - - 1950!!

"can·dy-ass or candy ass n. Vulgar Slang - - A sissy; a wimp; timid or cowardly; sissified."


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