Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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From the Chicago Tribune today, a story that reminds one of Eddie Leonski, the "Brownout Strangler", from World War Two [WW2] infamy. A military man gone bad, taking advantage of a situation, killing and raping young women, all the while a serving on active duty, performing apparently honorable service!


"Ill. inmate charged in "86 campus killing"

"LOS ANGELES - - it's been nearly 24 years since Robbin Brandley, 23, was stabbed to death in a parking lot after leaving a piano concert at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, Calif."

"Still, no one has ever been prosecuted for her death."

Until now that is.

"Andrew Urdiales 45, is on death row in Illinois . . . Soon after his arrest he confessed in detail to killing eight women in a 9-year spree."

"Urdiales is accused of five murders in Orange, Sand Diego and Riverside counties between 1986 and 1995. For six of those years, Urdiales was a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and Twentynine Palms."

Brandley was a college student, the remaining women killed being prostitutes.

A person serving in the military WHO IS ALSO A SERIAL KILLER IS A HARD PERSON TO CATCH? Permanent change of station [PCS] removes the perpetrator from the area and eliminates the villain for consideration as a "possible" during a routine police investigation?

One particular case I am thinking of is that of the the Zodiac Killer. A serial killer notorious for terrorizing the San Francisco area during the late 1960's. Was thought by some to have been a military type, perhaps even a U.S. Navy SEAL! The killings stopped when the man went PCS? NO person has ever been caught or apprehended in the killings attributed to Zodiac.

Eddie Leonski of course terrorized the Aussies for a period of time, American military man killing Australian women in a notorious case from the era of WW2. Finally caught and brought to justice, hung and with all due dispatch.

It was thought too that Leonski had also killed a number of American women state-side also. Had moved on [PCS] to another military base before being caught. Repeated his infamy over and over, a man in transit from one military facility to another, escaping justice for a long time until getting his due!

Killers of this type are few and far in between? Military men off-duty preying upon local women!

In the case of Andrew, the man is already on death row in Illinois. A further trial represents justice delayed, justice denied? Better than nothing I would surmise!!


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