Friday, December 11, 2009

Day of Daood.

This is coolbert:

Here, printed in entirety, from the DEBKAfile, yet more on Daood Gilani. A/k/a David Coleman Headley. The evil doer, once again having India in his sights. Another attack was in store, Daood having laid the ground work, done the recce [reconnaissance], selecting targets - - doing advanced surveillance, preparing the battlefield so to speak!!

Thank you DEBKAfile.

This time in particular the targets were Jews and Israelis.

"09 Dec. US and Indian security sources say the arrest of the Pakistan-born American David Coleman Headley [Daood Gilani] in Chicago on suspicion of complicity in the Mumbai terrorist atrocity in Nov. 2008 prevented a wave of attacks this month on Israeli El Al airline offices, synagogues and Chabad hospitality centers across India."

"Four months after the Mumbai siege, in which 170 people lost their lives in including six Americans, he was back in India, this for selecting Jewish and Israel locations for attack, advance surveillance and laying in caches of explosives and firearms for the Lashkar e-Taibe operatives to collect. This group is al Qaeda's operational arm for its campaign of terror in India."

"He first booked into a small hotel near El Al offices in New Delhi for the surveillance of comings and goings and the security set-up. He then rented a room in the Holiday Inn hotel opposite the Chabad center in the Indian capital, posing again as an Orthodox Jew and potential donor."

"From Delhi, Headley travelled to Pushkar in Rajasthan and booked into a hotel room overlooking the synagogue and, three days later, he was in the popular resort of Goa watching young Israeli tourists."

"When arrested in October, Headley had completed his list of Jewish and Israeli locations in India ready for attack in late November and early December this year."

Targets were to have been struck - - "late November and early December"! Daood was forestalled by great counter-intelligence and investigative work!

Daood is at best a spy and at worst a man complicit in mass murder and the planning of mass murder.

Extradite Daood and let him dangle at the end of a rope!!


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