Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here is the type of news item that does NO GOOD at all. Creates a false impression and is a NOTHING!

As carried by the Asahi Shinbun. The most prominent newspaper in Japan, a real heavy hitter!

"Secret Japan-U.S. nuke deal uncovered"

"In a move that repudiates past government denials, a former prime minister's son disclosed the secret agreement allowing the United States to bring nuclear weapons into Okinawa after its reversion to Japan in 1972."

"the document states that during a 'time of great emergency,' the U.S. government 'will require the re-entry of nuclear weapons and transit rights in Okinawa with prior consultation with the Government of Japan.'"

The treaty signed in 1969, forty years ago now, a treaty that reverted control of Okinawa to Japan [1972] had secret provisions, actually classified TOP SECRET!

The reversion of Okinawa to Japanese control was to be done with all American nuclear weaponry being removed from the island. And this was done. Treaty compliance was not in question.

Secret protocols to treaties are not unheard of.

And what is being said in the protocols in this specific instance is not unreasonable.

Nuclear weapons could be reintroduced:

* During a time of GREAT EMERGENCY!
* ONLY with prior consultation of the Japanese government!

A GREAT EMERGENCY would be a global war, a regional conflict with North Korea, China, etc.

And ONLY if the Japanese were consulted first and gave their approval would the weapons be reintroduced?

NONE of this is unreasonable. Forty years after the fact, a something is going to be made of nothing?

The presence of atomic weaponry ON JAPANESE SOIL has always been a point of contention in Japanese politics? The proverbial hot-button issue!

And the U.S. and Japan periodically announce that THERE ARE NO AMERICAN ATOMIC BOMBS ON JAPANESE SOIL! Dig the clever wording? NO bombs on Japanese SOIL! But out there in the harbor, on that aircraft carrier - - one can easily surmise - - well, you get it!!

Still, this headline represents a something made of a nothing?


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