Sunday, April 16, 2017

WW1 Rockford.

This is coolbert:

Some images from a World War One re-enactment. The Great War one-hundred years later from the American perspective. Soldiers of various nations demonstrating the uniforms, weapons, tactics of that era.

Russians, English [Scots], Turks, Germans, French Senegalese, British Indian all accounted for and participating. Battlefield Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Without further ado to the images:

Headquarters of the 353 Infantry Regiment, 88th Prussian Reserve Infantry Division.

A German soldier gesticulates fervently while speaking to a reporter. Gott mit uns!!

Evidence of time travel in the year 1914? That man on the far right is wearing a camouflage uniform as might have been worn by a soldier of one-hundred years later!!

German troops man a machine-gun position guarding their regimental headquarters.

An armored narrow-gauge train.

General Pershing himself in full regalia. Four stars, sword, spurs. A fine figure of a man.

American troops in the Argonne prepare for a patrol.

The brutal Hun interrogates a captured Canadian soldier. The latter not having been properly disarmed. Poor form.

A German officer in a length of trench observes the Scottish adversary prior to the advance of the latter.

More poor form! German troops leave their weapon and battle kit out of reach.

The inside of a dug-out. Accommodations for eating and sleeping. All the comforts of home.

A German trench mortar of 7.58 cm. bore. I would like to own one of these!

Re-enactment well done and almost professionally so. Congratulations to everyone and job well done!!


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