Thursday, April 6, 2017

John Dewar.

This is coolbert:

Archaeology with a military dimension! Artifacts from the recent history and not ancient antiquity. A "window on the past" as the adage goes!

1. "Hundreds of WWI British soldiers' liquor bottles uncovered near Ramla"

"Hundreds of liquor bottles were discovered in excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority prior to the construction of Highway 200 near Ramla; the bottles apparently belonged to British soldiers who were garrisoned in the are during World War I."

2. "Polish Archaeologists Uncover Chilling Remnant Of WWII"

. . . .

"The legacy of German aggression during World War II looms over the little town of Zlocieniec, Poland. Yet today, a buried treasure, hidden beneath the ground for over 80 years, may help to shed some light on the dark history of this European city. What archaeologists found has to be seen to be believed…"

You have to read it all but I gather the "take" rather scant and disappointing?


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