Monday, April 10, 2017

Carabinieri Iraq.

This is coolbert:

When thinking of war, always think of a war as existing in three distinct stages.

1. What lead up to the war. 2. The fighting of the war itself. The mortal combat. 3. The aftermath of the war, what occurred, the rebuilding process.

As it has always been, as it is now in Mosul Iraq. Even while combat continues to liberate the city from the Islamic State, Iraqi police [predominantly Kurdish] are being trained for maintaining peace and order when the battle is over.

"Mosul Needs 35,000 Cops"

"The Italians are on the job"

"With the sound of small-arms fire popping away at a range in the background, an instructor from Italy’s military police force — the Carabinieri [Italian paramilitary police]  — expertly flips over a rifle to demonstrate a swift and efficient reload to the students in front of him."

. . . .

"The Italians estimated it could take more than 30,000 skilled policemen to maintain order in Mosul alone, once Islamic State surrenders the strategic city."

Please take note the men being trained are apparently Kurdish and not Iraqi Shia. Para-military Shia cannot be trusted to maintain law-and-order in a fair and equitable way?


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