Friday, April 28, 2017


This is coolbert:

From WIZARD through Harry:

"CHINESE PHOTOSHOP FAILS - - Whoever created the image recently disseminated across China to rouse support for the People's Liberation Army's 68th anniversary apparently took a great deal of artistic license in making his vision of 'China's army.' Their patriotic poster seen all over China, has as its centerpiece their aircraft carrier LIAONING but the escorting destroyers are US Navy amphibious combat vessels and the aircraft screaming overhead are Russian MiG-35 fighters"

That average Chinese citizen of course when seeing the poster would not know the difference between a Chinese and an American naval vessel or a Chinese and Russian warplane.

To an extent this also reminds me of the fun and games at the Democratic National Convention of 2004. The Tribute to the Veteran presentation having an image in the background above and behind the speaker stand of warships steaming, those vessels identified as RUSSIAN and not AMERICAN!

Again, the average citizen American or otherwise would just not know the difference.


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