Friday, December 7, 2012


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More recent and very typical alarmist headlines, thanks to DEBKAfile. Assad of Syrian making ready, the possible use of chemical weapons of the most deadly type now almost a done deal. Preparations to include the combining of the "precursor" chemicals in bombs and shells the resulting end product of which is sarin nerve gas.

1. "Getting prepared for Assad’s use of chemical weapons"

"03 Dec. US regional forces, Israel, Turkey and Jordan were braced for action Monday, Dec. 3 in case President Bashar Assad ordered his army’s chemical warfare units into action against rebel and civilian targets in his own country . . . An American official told Wired Magazine that 'engineers working for the Assad regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas.'”

2. "Assad’s chemical weapons units head north"

"04 Dec.  DEBKAfile  reported Syrian army’s chemical weapons units heading out of Damascus under cover of dark and turning north up the road to Aleppo. They were ferrying self-propelled cannons and shells armed with poisonous sarin gas. Assad took advantage of the heavy winds, cloud and rain as elements liable to obstruct Western attacks on the convoys,"

 3. "US: Sarin bombs ready for Assad’s 'go' order"

"06 Dec. American officials said Wednesday, Dec. 4, that they believed bombs had been made ready with sarin gas, but not yet loaded onto fighter planes and Assad had not issued the 'go' order."

The GO order not yet given, but imminent. Mixing of the chemicals needed to produce sarin is of itself a deadly process, those elements toxic and dangerous just of themselves.

I cannot say with any degree of certainty whether or not these are binary chemical munitions. A third element added added to the chemical mix just prior to firing from an artillery shell that allows for the poison gas vapor to be produced and released upon detonation.

Such a decision to use chemicals if and when such an event occurs  of course being closely monitored the situation at this exact moment seems to be going from bad to worse.


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