Monday, December 24, 2012

Bobby Locke.

This is coolbert:

Received this comment to a blog entry the other day from Mr. Alfred Pratt. And it is most illuminating. Is a response to "Heroes!" as was posted originally some time ago.

With special regard to Bobby Locke. Famous South African professional golfer in those years just prior to the start of World War Two [WW2] it can be suggested as being among the half-dozen BEST at his profession. Locke serving with honor as a pilot with the South African Air Force [SAAF] his record as I understood it rather distinguished!

As to the following comment by Mr. Pratt in all instances the bold and large text my emphasis!

"Alfred Pratt said...

"Comments on Military Analysis: Heroes!"

""The War Record of Bobby Locke the famous golfer has been very carefully and independently researched and a complete, validated, report is to hand."

"Your claims on his behalf as a bomber pilot with 2000 hours - 250 sorties is misguided, mistaken and grossly inaccurate"

"His official records lodged with the South African Records Office ion Pretoria, in fact, only record 1162 hours gross total .:

" it seems very wrong to compare Bobby Locke  (Three Service Decorations:- "Italy Star" , "1939-45 War Medal" and "Africa Service Medal" - signifying an undistinguished record) with Guy Gibson VC, DSO, DFC."

1. For Mr. Pratt. No upset or embarrassment at all. Rather this is the type of thing I like. Comments from those in the know make for good further blog entries that are more accurate.

2. That record of Bobby Locke NOT as a COMBAT military pilot at least in my opinion hardly diminishing the war record of the man. Persons such as Bobby Locke [South African], Tyrone Power, Gene Autry, Ted Williams all military aviators with very good and honorable service NOT eschewing a dangerous field, but the opposite. Military aviation even when not in combat hazardous to your health.

3. Surely the war record of Locke not in the same category as Guy Gibson VC that much understood and implicitly so!! Gibson in a league all by himself. All that said, IF Locke had completed over 2,000 combat hours as originally I had believed that might have meant at least as many missions as flown by Gibson, certainly so!


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Unknown said...

The truth documented by Images and Videos and official war record is to be found at this site:
If it were not for 2nd lieutenant Locke and his kind we would all be speaking German now and the food would be terrible.

Woodsy Niles