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"Some units home before Christmas" - - D. Mac Arthur.

Once again from a comment to the blog, that Tenth [X] Corps during the Korean War escaping encirclement at the Chosin reservoir [1950] the topic of discussion:

"GENERAL JACK FROST had a lot to do with the UN forces survival as the Chinese DID NOT HAVE WINTER CLOTHING and most of their casualties were inflicted by COLD. The Chinese also lacked Artillery if I remember correctly."

General Winter and Colonel Jack Frost indeed present at the "frozen Chosin" and in command.

All combatants suffering terribly from the unremitting cold. The Chinese no less susceptible to frostbite than were the United Nations forces.

That area around the Chosin reservoir possessing a micro-climate where extreme cold weather the norm as not found in other areas of northern Korea?

Neither side except for the U.S. Marines even adequately prepared with uniforms suitable for the frigid conditions.

When speaking of cold understand the air temperatures to be as low as minus [-] thirty-two Fahrenheit [minus thirty-four degrees Celsius] persistent and unabated!!

[temperatures not unlike what the Grande Armee of Napoleon experienced during their retreat from Moscow, 1812!!]

With regard to uniforms for winter warfare as worn by the participants:

* U.S. Marines vicinity of the Chosin seem to have been at least adequately equipped, wearing a long parka coat with hood and having shoe-pacs for the feet.

* U.S. Army troops either side of the Taebaek mountains not having cold weather clothing in any regard.

* Chinese soldiers on the west side of the Taebaek mountains opposite Eighth Army at least somewhat equipped for winter warfare.

* Chinese soldiers on the east side of the Taebaek mountains opposite the Tenth Corps NOT prepared with warm clothing or footwear as needed.

* Lots of Chinese suffering frozen feet from inadequate footwear. The Chinese light infantryman wearing a low-quarter style "gym" shoe with canvas upper and rubber sole, totally inadequate.

Chinese at Chosin ALSO not having any artillery, this is correct. More importantly, Chinese communications so primitive as to not allow for dynamic change to OPLAN. Senior commanders not appraised of change in so swift a manner to allow for alterations to plans.

Mac Arthur seems not  totally cognizant of the possibilities when ordering the Tenth Corps to move north in an expeditious manner? The thought was the war was almost over and further protracted combat under harsh conditions would not occur? And what does the record from the Mac Arthur library say?

"Some units home before Christmas". Some!


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