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Mc Clellan.

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"Better is the enemy of good enough."

"A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

Continuing with the discussion of the American Civil War General George Mc Clellan and his alleged timidity and hesitancy.

From comments to the blog:

"McClellan was an astute general to worry about his worst case scenario."- -  Dan Kurt..

"McClellan's, and the Union's, real enemies were the political voices in the North who called for accommodation with the South. The 'copperheads' would be much strengthened if the South consistently won clear victories, so McClellan made sure they didn't." - -  Steiner.

Further regarding Mc Clellan:

* Mc Clellan at the time of his assuming command was only thirty-four years old.!

* The expectations for Mc Clellan were too high? Politicians perceived and expected a quick and decisive end to the war and believed such as possible. Mc Clellan included?

* Mc Clellan did leave a rather large written record behind that those historians writing in the tradition and methodology of Leopold Ranke have been able to exploit.

* Mc Clellan did fortify Washington D.C. to an extent that made Confederate assault cost prohibitive? This fortification was a major undertaking of itself accomplished in an admirable fashion and allowed the Federal government to remain in place and conduct affairs of state unmolested for the entire duration of the war.

* Mc Clellan was NOT in favor of the volunteer units rallying to the Union cause consisting of troops enlisted for a three month or six month period. Mc Clellan preferred and for good reason a more professional and well trained force which was the Army of the Potomac.

* Through their mutual employment with the Illinois Central Railroad, Lincoln [corporate attorney] and Mc Clellan [Vic-President and chief [?] engineer] had more than a passing acquaintance with one another?

* Those commanders of the Army of the Potomac subsequent to the dismissal of Mc Clellan: Burnside, Pope and Hooker NONE of them showing a whole lot more offensive spirit and battlefield success, rather the opposite.

The American Civil War became a protracted affair for which the MANAGERIAL SKILLS OF A GEORGE MC CLELLAN WERE SORELY NEEDED. Mc Clellan succeeded to the extent he understood the situation while exercising his command in a manner unfavorable to the perceptions of the politicians.


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