Monday, April 16, 2012


This is coolbert:

Well, you can imagine in an instant that this Internet headline would catch my attention right away.

"George Washington voted Britain’s greatest enemy commander"

"American revolutionary leader George Washington has been voted the greatest enemy commander to face Britain, lauded for his spirit of endurance against the odds and the enormous impact of his victory."

The 5,000 participants in the survey having five military commanders to choose from. Washington among the select elite few to also include:

* Michael Collins.
* Napoleon Bonaparte.
* Erwin Rommel.
* Mustapha Kemal Ataturk.


* Washington conceded NOT to have been an outstanding battlefield tactician the man surely not an equal in that regard to say a Napoleon or a Rommel.

* Washington AN outstanding leader perhaps without peer? Willing and able to continue when others were not and able to succeed when others were not. The historians are in agreement [??] that without a Washington the American Revolutionary War would have failed. I believe this to be so.

* Washington too having at that exact moment of the American Revolution having the MOST to lose of all participants? Was the third richest man [through inheritance on the side of Martha the wife] in the colonies.

* The courage and physical command presence of Washington on the battlefield again without question, the man undeniably very brave and a leader of the foremost ability.

* His Britannic Majesty George III in response to his being told that Washington had been offered but refused the "kingship" of America saying: "if this indeed be true Washington is the GREATEST MAN ALIVE!!" Indeed he was!!

* Ataturk a divisional commander at Gallipoli BUT NOT the overall commander. Liman von Sanders making the major decisions, issuing the commands for those Turkish units in opposition to British and allied forces.

Anyone disagree with the results of this survey? I for one do not!


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