Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This is coolbert:

Here is one of those stories you like to read about. The bad guy getting his comeuppance and in a big way and at the hands of a military veteran.

Thanks to the Military Times for the story:

"Hero vet stops robbery with MMA choke hold"

"He never knew what hit him."

"A 38-year-old who attempted to rob a Grand Rapids party goods store was grabbed with lightning speed and floored by a heroic Iraq vet who happened to be the in shop, a local Fox affiliate reports."

"Zach Thome, a mixed martial arts-trained former soldier, put gunman Brandon Slanger, 38, in a rear naked choke hold and held him until police arrived."

The villain, threatening dire consequences for those that did not cooperate with him, floored and put into a choke hold and subdued by a military veteran from the Iraq Wars [which war it is not clear]! The habitual criminal now facing a stiff and well deserved prison sentence in large measure because of the military man having the physical and mental wherewithal, the knowledge and ability to fight, using martial arts techniques to overpower the gunman [it is not clear if this Brandon did indeed have a firearm but he did claim he had one!].

Again, the ex-military man having the gumption and just plain guts to fight it out when others would not!

Bravo big time and hooray!!

Offhand I am able to think of only two other such similar instances.

1. From decades ago a Frenchman off duty, off base but still in uniform, set upon by three knife wielding men. That Frenchman described as a member of the unit that protects and guards the French nuclear arsenal not only fighting off his assailants, but killing one - - the other two being put to flight. Again - - bravo and hooray.

2. And more rencently a retired American, a senior citizen, part of tour group in Costa Rica, those tourists confronted by armed robbers, the American probably ex-military also [70 years of age], overpowering the bad guys, killing one armed attacker the remainder put to rout. This American presumably at one time a Navy SEAL, an army Ranger, Special Forces or a Marine! Someone prepared and ready to fight and knowing how to do so.

Such events are indeed rare, regrettably occurring only too infrequently. But when they do, once more, bravo and hooray!!


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