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From a comment to the blog by Anonymous:

"The MMIII (LGM30G) [Minuteman III ICBM] was only ever capable of carrying 3 re-entry vehicles (warheads) never 10 (that was the retired Peacekeeper (MX) and the Navy D5. My understanding is that all landbased missiles have been reduced to one RV in accordance with ongoing nuclear forces negotiations. Most everyone gets facts about ICBMs incorrect, it would be nice if people would do real research"

And Anonymous is 100 % correct and I must admit so ashamedly for not doing my homework, but please keep in mind that most of my blog entries are done off the top-of-my-head, off-the-cuff and with quite often merely a minimum of research. I HAD INDEED THOUGHT THE MINUTEMAN III WAS EQUIPPED WITH TEN WARHEADS!

American strategic forces slowly but surely reducing that inventory of warheads on station and ready to go. This is an ongoing process for some time and will continue. Conventional thought is that about one thousand [1,000] warheads total are sufficient to deter any aggressor under any circumstances?

And all the info you need to know is in the wiki?

1. "Single Reentry Vehicle (SRV)"

"The Single Reentry Vehicle (SRV) modification enabled the United States ICBM force to abide by the now-vacated START II treaty requirements by reconfiguring Minuteman-III missiles from three reentry vehicles down to one."

2. "Safety Enhanced Reentry Vehicle (SERV)"

"Beginning in 2005, Mk-21/W87 RVs from the deactivated Peacekeeper missile will be placed on the Minuteman-III force under the Safety Enhanced Reentry Vehicle (SERV) program."

That newer warhead on an older missile, but still a very potent combination, the W87 nearly a half-megaton of explosive power, more than enough to do a lot of damage and deter aggression and allow that instantly ready on call force to be more flexible with continued deadliness!!

"Starting in 2007, 200 of the W87 warheads from now-retired MX/Peacekeeper missiles will be retrofitted onto much older Minuteman III missiles, with only one warhead on each missile."

Thank you again anonymous for the heads up!!


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