Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cost Efficient?

This is coolbert:

Here from various web sites some comments and statistics regarding the American strategic aerial offensive against North Vietnam [Rolling Thunder, 1965-1968].

A strategic aerial bombardment campaign carried out by tactical aviation, that combination of USAF and naval aviation [Yankee Station] attempting to put the big hurt on the communist North Vietnamese, "persuade" the leaders of North Vietnam to cease and desist, end hostilities, negotiate or face obliteration.

 "The air defense system in North Vietnam was almost non-existent in 1965, but by the end of 1967 it became one of the most complete and sophisticated systems in the world. SAM sites increased from 15 in 1965 to 270 by 1968; missiles fired from these sites increase from 200 in 1965 to almost 3,500 in 1967. The number of AAA guns grew from 700 in 1965 to over 7,400 in spring of 1968."

NO, not merely one of the most, was the MOST complete and sophisticated!!

"The flow of men and supplies continued to increase throughout the campaign [Rolling Thunder]: 'In 1965 approximately 12,000 North Vietnamese soldiers had infiltrated South Vietnam, but by 1968 over 300,000 North Vietnamese troops had entered South Vietnam.'"

That North Vietnamese air defense system notwithstanding, A LOT OF "BIG HURT" DONE TO THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF NORTH VIETNAM some targets destroyed repeatedly, undeniably a lot of damage done.

"according to reports the bombing destroyed 77 percent of all ammo depots, 65 percent of fuel storage facilities, 59 percent of all power plants, 55 percent of major bridges, and 39 percent of railroad yards."

"The large North Vietnamese labor force also did much to offset the destruction that Rolling Thunder accomplished. This force (over 300,000) of laborers was able to quickly repair the damage to major targets and almost nullify bombing efforts"

Many of those targets bombed, repaired, bombed, repaired again, over and over!! The communists indeed were VERY determined!

Again, North Vietnamese forces arrayed against the American "Yankee air pirates" formidable in scale, a million man army [in totality] required to defend against the USAF and naval aviation onslaught. TO A DEGREE, THE AERIAL BOMBARDMENT CAMPAIGN FROM THAT STANDPOINT [manpower drain on North Vietnam] COST EFFICIENT?


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