Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This is coolbert:

NOW thanks to the Army Times the type of story that YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ ABOUT!

Retired U.S Army general officer [his exact rank at the time of retirement not given] a child molester entering a guilty plea. A paedophile [it is not clear if the victim was a boy or a girl] on his way to prison, his once high rank and station notwithstanding!!

"Retired general pleads guilty to sex abuse"

"HILLSBORO, Ore. — A 71-year-old retired Army general has pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges and agreed to a 10-year prison sentence."

"Evidence showed Heldstab abused a young victim for nearly a decade until the victim finally told someone when he was 19"

It is my understanding that general officers even when retired remain on the rolls of the army for the rest of their life until they terminate this existence. General officers are said to possess such a degree of experience, training, and ability that their skills may yet be in demand, if the situation warrants. Recall to active duty for instance in a case of general mobilization.

The retired general began to engage in this sordid form of behavior ONLY upon retirement? I think not! And more is out there and perhaps even worse? I fear so! Let justice be done in any case!

This too reminds me of the strange case of General Edwin Walker. Cashiered from the military decades ago now, retired [?] and TWICE arrested for morals charges, approaching men in the washroom in an untoward manner! Walker a distinguished combat soldier of the highest repute, NO ONE ever at any time suspecting the man had a hidden aspect to his life!

C'est la vie and C'est la guerre!!


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