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From the web site YNet we have the story of the now released-from-prison Israeli army officer Omar al-Hayeb.

"IDF officer who spied for Hezbollah released from prison"

"Bedouin lieutenant colonel convicted of espionage, drug trafficking, released after less than 10 years in prison"

The one man [Israeli Arab] most entrusted with catching infiltrating terrorists and drug smugglers himself a drug smuggler and also a spy for a terrorist organization [Hezbollah]! Serving ten years of a stiff sentence and only now released for compassionate reasons - - ill health!

Tzahal the Israeli military employing tracking units, Israeli Arabs able to "cut-sign", detect the trail of a hostile infiltrator, follow the spoor of the quarry as would a hunter after prey, in the old fashioned and ancient manner. This is the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion!

"The Natural Detectives: Desert Reconnaissance Battalion"

"The Desert Reconnaissance Battalion (Hebrew: “Gadsar”) is unique in many regards. It’s comprised almost entirely of Bedouin soldiers and stationed near the Gaza Strip, where its soldiers use their unique skills to track terrorists and thwart infiltration attempts into Israel."

That type of mortal combat of the mass production, mechanized, industrialized, by-the-numbers variety that has been fought ever since the time of the Great War [1914] not eliminating the need for military tracker units! Persons able to cut-sign, discover the presence of an adversary and follow a trail

Since the end of World War Two [1945] those instances of military tracker units to include:

1. Iban/Dayak. Malaya Emergency.
2. Selous Scouts. Rhodesian Bush War.
3. 31 Battalion. Bushmen trackers.
4. Bedouin Scouts. Israel Arabs.

Read further of those techniques as used by the scouts [Bedouin], age-old and venerable methods an art form almost, but very effective and having an obvious military application within the context of the low-intensity conflict when done by those practitioners small in number.

"The Secret Techniques of IDF Bedouin Scouts"

"Here are five techniques used by our trackers which make them the best of the best":

"3) Avoid twilight:

"The hours of twilight, when the light constantly changes and vision gets poorer, are hardest on the eyes.  Either scout during the day, or at nighttime with a flashlight, but don’t try your luck in that transition period."

The Iban/Dayak of the Malaya Emergency in contrast rather PREFERRING and ONLY tracking during those hours of immediate sunrise or sunset. That time with the longest shadows allowing for the best conditions for following a track? So I have read.

For those of you interested, there is a school where you can learn the skills and abilities of the tracker, a science and an art form both. The Tom Brown Tracker School. Good luck and good hunting, whatever your game, the ancient and venerable ways still exist.



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