Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vinh Truong.

This is coolbert:

Yet from one more author, a most authoritative figure if there ever was one, as to the REASONS for allied defeat in Vietnam. American and South Vietnamese both unable to prevail over the communists. Vinh Truong a South Vietnamese military officer of some standing and an escapee from a re-education [concentration] camp AFTER THIRTEEN YEARS OF INCARCERATION!

As extracted from the book by Truong:

"Vietnam War: The New Legion, Volume 2 By Vinh Truong"

"When I [Truong] looked into myself, I knew that I would remain faithful to a code of personal honor attached to what I understood as the ideals of my country's form of government rising above the confusions of the political and military leadership. This became explicitly clear to me when I was interviewed by allied-officer in my class Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air University Alabama. They asked me 'What I thought of the war', and I recall telling them that I thought it make no sense to me to try to defend South Vietnam so long as the border areas of Cambodia and Laos were conceded to the Hanoi . . . But I could see no strategy being applied that had prospects of success . . . 'my patriotism was stronger than my unhappiness about poor US intervention strategic policy!'"

Concerning Truong:

"Vinh-Van-Truong was recruited by U.S. Special Forces in Project Delta 1964-65 and graduated from the U.S. Air University, Maxwell, Alabama, for Squadron Officer School and Academic Instructor School, 1967-68. He was 213th Squadron Commander, 1970-71, 51th Wing Combat Commander, 1972-73, and Chief of Staff of Helicopter branch of VNAF Headquarter 1973 until Saigon fell"

[and in the aftermath of South Vietnamese surrender, thirteen years an inmate of a communist re-education [concentration] camp!!]

"[Truong] discusses the three Axioms in the dominant interpretation of the U.S.-Vietnam War that were established by the invisible permanent government right after the National Security Council meeting on September 21, 1960. They are: - 1. There was never a legitimate non-communist government in Saigon (dissolution GVN) 2. The U.S. had no legitimate reason to be involved in Vietnamese affairs (Tonkin-Gulf-Incident) 3. The U.S. could not have won the war under any circumstances (U.S. troops honorable withdrawal)"

When Truong speaks we all need to listen. Truong and his fellow compatriots now living in the U.S. have a web site dedicated to discussion of the Second Indo-China War. It might be interesting to engage in dialog with them language barriers aside.


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