Sunday, April 29, 2012

DDG 1000.

This is coolbert:

Right now, as we speak, in the works and under construction, latest and greatest version American naval destroyer class under construction, the DDG 1000 class vessel, a warship that in the final form will cost $7 billion per copy. ONLY a grand total of three to be built.

Thanks to intelhub:

"Navy Spending $21 Billion on Three New Destroyers, Part of Response to China’s Military Buildup"

"The new DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyer will focus on attacking land-based targets, leveraging stealth technology to allow the vessel to get close to shore before being detected and letting loose the massive advanced arsenal on the warship."

Weaponry as planned for and as envisioned to include a variety of missiles in task tailored packages and the Advanced Gun System, the latter having LAND-BASED targets in mind.

DDG 1000 a high technology warship requiring only half the crew of previous destroyer incarnations.

COST recognized as a major factor, the entire class so expensive that ONLY three total to be built. Generally speaking, that means at any given moment one DDG 1000 will be at sea, deployments, in port refurbishment and refitting being what it is with modern warships!

"Originally, the Navy wanted 32 of the massive destroyers, but that was quickly cut down to 24, then seven, and now a mere three due to the absurd costs associated with the vessels."

Propulsion, weaponry, a design process and procurement that takes decades etc. NO ONE ever said the military was cheap and DDG 1000 is no exception! Obvious.


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