Monday, April 9, 2012


This is coolbert:

Thanks to an Israeli web site we have this development of low level technology ordnance being made SAFER!

"Learning from Tragedy, IDF Develops Safer Hand Grenade"

"The new grenade will not explode if struck by a bullet – as happened to [the] grenade that killed Major Eliraz Peretz [2010]."

"The IDF Ground Forces will begin using a new, safer type of hand grenade in the course of the year, reports the IDF Website. The safer grenade will not explode if struck by an enemy bullet."

"The grenade is an upgraded version of the veteran no. 26 grenade. However, the spark that detonates its explosive component will only be lit if the grenade's safety has been removed."

And this actually did occur. Israeli soldier killed when the hand grenade he was wearing prematurely detonated - - struck by a round from an enemy rifle.

Precautions taken but I have to ask if this is not an instance of extreme cases make for bad law and policies? Mandated but how many times does this occur on the battlefield to make a difference? I guess if one soldier is save it is worthwhile. But that enemy bullet would have done some lethal damage anyhow? Of course the damage done when a grenade is in contact with your body and explodes is rather extreme, the doc is not able to patch you up as you are dead more or less instantly.


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