Wednesday, January 6, 2021

PIO F-4.

This is coolbert:

More F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber stuff. In keeping with a recent previous blog entry. Courtesy "The Drive" Internet web site and the article by THOMAS NEWDICK.

"The Navy Got Its Hands On Its First Operational F-4 Phantom Sixty Years Ago Today"

"The service introduction of the mighty Phantom wasn’t without its problems."

THE FIRST "SAFE" JET WARPLANE NOT WITHOUT PROBLEMS. TEETHING AS THEY CALL IT.  "teething troubles/problems: small problems that happen when a business, project, system, etc., is first started or used"

PIO = Pilot induced oscillation.

"excessive pilot inputs on the flight controls led to the aircraft vibrating, effectively shaking itself apart."

"The Phantom itself was remarkably stable. Indeed, the stability of the design was a remarkable improvement over what we were flying then. But those who were ham-fisted would overcontrol the Phantom, or overcorrect if something went awry. The aircraft would then oscillate like mad. The best way to get out of this high-vibration problem is to remove your hands from the controls and just watch. At high altitude, you can recover easily. At low altitude, PIO is instant death." - - Commander Wilbur Norton.

"ham-fisted - -  not skillful in physical movement especially with the hands; clumsy; bungling"

Instant death! Doesn't sound so good!


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