Monday, January 4, 2021


This is coolbert:

More regrettable foolishness from the Hal Turner Internet web site.

"China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and Equipment"

"The Chinese Army is now incorporating a remote-controlled skull-bomb in Army helmets to self-destruct soldiers if being captured or failing to follow orders, and destroy their gear, to protect secrecy!  Put simply, if they don't kill YOU, their bosses will kill them, by remote control."

A helmet equipped with some sort of opto-sensors and digital electronics that allow the individual troop to know at an instant the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE on the modern battlefield. And allow the commander to know the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE of each individual troop at any given moment.

A digital electronic system evidently that can be self-destructed remotely at an instant to prevent intact capture by the enemy. Internal electronics scrambled.

NOT a helmet that will blow the head of the troop off!

Hal Turner a confirmed controlled asset of the American FBI. 

See additional material of a sensational nature courtesy Hal Turner:


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