Saturday, January 9, 2021

063 Russia.

This is coolbert:

Russian  aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov still a going concern? Hey, I thought the Kuznetsov was going to be decommissioned and scrapped. I guess that has all changed!

"No more smoke on the water from Russia's aircraft carrier"

"The Northern Fleet's aircraft carrier will embark on tests in the Barents Sea in 2022 with main boilers, diesel generators and main turbo-gear units replaced."

Kuznetsov looking like a warship from the time of the Dreadnought era. Coal-fired at the time and "belching" enormous clouds of black smoke. In the case of the Kuznetsov unburned fuel the culprit.

Various authorities have commented on the cloud of smoke as emitted from the Kuznetsov. Refurbishment work has been on-going for YEARS and even when done, the life expectancy of the ship will be extended for only five more YEARS!

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Is it all worth it?


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