Tuesday, January 12, 2021


This is coolbert:

Eurotank? Never heard of it before. Enhanced main battle tank.

British keen on the Eurotank so it seems.

From 19fortyfive.com and the article by Caleb Larson

"Despite leaving the EU, London may be source its next main battle tank from France and Germany. According to industry reports, the United Kingdom may be interested in the jointly developed Franco-German Eurotank project to replace their aging Challenger 2 main battle tank, which though not a particularly aged tank, will eventually need replacement."

Eurotank not a newly designed from the-ground-up machine. A combination of an existing German Leopard tank chassis and an existing French LeClerc tank turret. With possible gun upgrade at some point in the future. Enhanced yes!

Additionally consider this excerpt from Corporal Frisk with regard to the HESH [high-explosive squash-head] anti-tank round and street fighting in the urban environment as might be encountered during a NATO defense of the Baltic states:

"While the HESH isn’t really up to par with destroying modern armor, one of the places where it does outshine other kinds of tank rounds is for destroying buildings and fortifications. As such, putting the Challengers [current British main-battle-tank] to fight in an urban environment would be a classic example of playing to the strengths of an otherwise outdated technology."


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